2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure Challenger

Gartner has once again named Enghouse Interactive a Challenger in its latest Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure

We believe Enghouse Interactive’s continued positioning as a Challenger within the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure reflects our ability to execute and successful migration of multichannel contact centers from legacy PBX platforms to UC Collaborative platforms such as Skype for Business. Our one stop shop for all customer contact communications delivers a fully integrated dynamic customer interaction with a modular approach, a consistent user interface across the portfolio, making it seamless for customers with a simple go-to-market strategy for our partners.

Enghouse Interactive President, Ernie Wallerstein, and Global VP of Product Management, John Cray, discuss the reasons behind Enghouse Interactive’s recent positioning as a Challenger within the Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure.

Go-To-Market and Growth

Unlike other contact center vendors who are primarily telephony platform providers, Enghouse Interactive is free to concentrate on our single focus: helping customers deliver the best customer experience that they can. Rather than diluting our core strength, Enghouse Interactive works closely with channel partners who deliver our solutions – whether on premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Our increasingly strong partner model not only allows our customers to engage their preferred voice solutions integrator, but to also leverage our partners’ superior knowledge of their customers’ environment to help us build the offering that best meets their needs.

Migration Expertise: More Than 600 Successful Contact Center Deployments, Globally, Within Skype for Business Environments

Enghouse Interactive customers can continue to grow and develop within this nurtured environment, including migrating from legacy telephony platforms to next generation options. This stability also allows them to optimize integration between the contact center and critical back office applications over a much longer period, while continuing to enhance the operation as new features become available for each solution.

To date Enghouse has successfully deployed more than 550 Contact Centers globally within Skype for Business environments and continues to closely align with Microsoft and other UC/PBX providers such as Cisco, Avaya and NEC.


Portfolio and User Experience Reduce the Risk

Enghouse Interactive’s user interface (UI) represents a strategy for both front- and backend portfolio integration. The low-footprint, context-sensitive, extensible, analytics and collaboration-focused client is now at the heart of our mid-market and enterprise contact center solutions. Reflecting years of analysis of agent and supervisor workflow as well as customer end-user input, this compelling interface means that rapidly growing mid-market organizations can confidently migrate users within a familiar environment by retaining the most utilized tool in the box. Real-time information, quality management and ‘context-aware’ functionality maximize efficiency, while the UI’s lean and compact profile prevents desktop clutter and information overload for users who both ‘channel hop’ and simultaneously work in CRM and other business applications. Enghouse Interactive’s modular approach allows flexibility to add functionality and enter new markets as needed, at a reduced risk.

Another significant differentiator which is very Important to note is that Enghouse Systems (TSX: ENGH), our parent and one of Canada’s largest software companies, has not only increased revenue from roughly $10 million in 2002 to approximately $308.0 million in 2016, but is also debt-free. This stability, coupled with an aggressive acquisition strategy, allows us to bring innovations to market quickly, while enabling the continuous growth and enhancement of our portfolio with specific additions that meet marketplace needs.





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