Presence Suite
Transform your business with AI and the most innovative technology and offer a unique customer experience

Offer a more flexible and personalized service without any human intervention to transform the needs of customers in loyalty strategies thanks to the continuous learning capabilities

Take advantage of AI and the Automation capabilities

High Levels of Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get a better use of human resources, reduce costs and times of interactions to communicate with your customers through different digital and social channels.

Greater Personalized Services

The algorithms used by our tools analyze and cross information, identifying trends and patterns of customer behaviors allowing to personalize and improve the quality of their experience.

Simple and Effective Communication

Use bots or self-service tools as a starting point of communication, support customers with frequent questions and answers and common  transactions, being transfered with an agent only when they decide.

Unmatched Customer Journey

Bots can perform "personal assistant" tasks, supporting agents with suggestions for answers after each message from the customer, to increase personalization and effectiveness of all interactions.



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