The first Contact Center solution officialy integrated with Whatsapp

Enghouse Interactive is a pioneer in the market of solutions focused on the customization of customer experience, with the first contact center solution officially integrated with WhatsApp. A unique software tool, with a powerful and progressive Natural Understanding Language (NLU) engine, which will allow you to really understand your customer´s needs and keep them connected at all times through 100% conversational interactions.

Presence Social Interactions is an innovative solution by Enghouse Interactive, endowed with artificial intelligence, which enables management of natural and smart interactions through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Web Chat and Mobile apps without human intervention. 

Presence Social Interactions allows:

  • Automated customer assistance 24/7
  • Identify real intentions and keep context of the interaction, through an advanced and progressive Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine
  • Data authentication through voice, fingerprint and voice biometrics.
  • Integration with third party software to carry out different self-service processes.
  • Integration with web sites and mobile apps
  • Support for conversations in different languages
  • Assistance for easy bot workflow setup
  • Dashboards for a unified view of the main KPI’s
  • Reports with key information to setup priorities and adapt self-service strategies
  • Transferring of the conversation to the most qualified live agent when needed

More information of this solution here.



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